Winners Pick Losers Review

Winners Pick Losers Review

Review by Sarah Carter

Winners Pick Losers Review

Winners Pick Losers is a horse racing laying system that promises to make you an easy £50,000 a year. The sales page goes through the usual routine of telling us how bookies have the best job in the world, etc, and how you never see a poor one. True enough I suppose.

So in theory, all we need is the Winners Pick Losers system in order to be just like a bookie and choose horses to lay on Betfair or Betdaq.

The system comes as a 29 page PDF with a fair degree of padding explaining what lay betting is, what Betfair is, etc but it’s not excessive padding and is useful for newcomers. There’s also an invitation to download a special browser toolbar for use with this system, which is certainly something I have not seen before.

One thing that did annoy me about the Winners Pick Losers manual was the fact that it is littered with spelling errors. A little proof reading goes a long way towards giving an impression of professionalism and would certainly have benefited this manual. However that is a minor complaint – it’s a betting manual not an English essay, and as such the system will be judged on ease of use and results.

“You will need to follow the live markets”

There are step by step instructions on how to follow the Winners Pick Losers selection method, and some sample illustrations are provided to demonstrate. The selection method is clearly defined and easy enough to understand. A simple staking plan is provided which is also well defined and easy to follow.

It does become apparent that you will need to be in a position to follow the live markets in order to use this system so it is unlikely to be suitable for those who work during the day, unless they were to restrict their use to evenings and weekends. It will not be possible to set up a bot to follow this system for you due to one of the criteria involved.

The selection criteria themselves are logical enough if not exactly ground breaking. I have a slight aversion to laying horses that drift in the market though. Just because the price is drifting, doesn’t mean a horse has any less chance of winning, it simply means that the market prefers another runner instead.

A horse has no idea what price it’s going off at remember! A policy of laying drifters just means you’re getting worse value as you are laying at higher prices. However, the system doesn’t rely on market movement in isolation – this is only one of several criteria in the Winners Pick Losers system.

On to the results. I ran the system each day for a month and the final results were as follows.

Final Results –
Betting Days: 30
Strike Rate: 60%
P/L: £309.27 Loss (- 30.9 Points)

Results are quoted to Betfair SP, net of 5% commission on winnings.

So a fairly hefty loss, and a strike rate lower than you would hope for in a laying system. Of course this may have been just a bad month and laying systems especially can go through good and bad periods throughout the year so I don’t want to entirely condemn Winners Pick Losers just on these sample results.

To be honest though I found the system quite time consuming and the fact that it was necessary to watch the markets manually means it’s doubly frustrating when you have to put in all that time only to lose money.

Winners Pick Losers may well have better months and recover some of the losses, but I don’t think many people would have the time and patience to see it through that long.

There are better, and easier to follow systems out there (see the recommended systems for more details) so I can’t recommend Winners Pick Losers based on my experience.

Winners Pick Losers ReviewVerdict: Failed

On paper, a logical enough lay betting selection system, but Winners Pick Losers is laborious to use, and made a fairly hefty loss during my test period. As such I can’t recommend it.

I’d suggest you check out out Recommended Betting Systems instead.