Ian Erskine FTS Review

Ian Erskine FTS Football Trading System Reviewed & Rated

Ian Erskine FTSThe Football Trading System (or FTS for short) by Ian Erskine has been for sale for a few years now. It’s a system for trading football on Betfair and it seems to be arousing a lot of interest in the online sports betting community.

How does FTS work?

So as we’ve said, FTS is a method fo trading the football markets on Betfair. If you’re new to Betfair, see our beginner’s guide to Betfair trading to understand the basics of how trading on the betting exchanges works.

The actual mechanics of the FTS system are nothing new, it’s based on one of the oldest systems for trading football (this is the well known method for trading purely on Betfair, not the free bets method) and there are many variations of this in the public domain which you can get for free. But this is not actually a bad thing. This trading system is popular because it’s easy to understand, easy to follow, and for many people it works!

The key to making profits with this method is getting the right selections.

Betfair Football Trading With FTS

Guaranteed Profit With A Successful Betfair Football Trade

The problem that some people have when using the various free versions of this method is that there are no guidelines for which matches to trade, and which to leave alone. If you attempted to trade every match going, you wouldn’t be successful.

And this is exactly where FTS comes into its own. When you buy, you are entitled to receive Ian Erskine’s personal FTS trades for life with no further payment required. We’ve been following Ian’s selections for a couple of years now and can confirm that they are definitely profitable long term.

The fact that you get these free FTS selections for life is worth way more than the purchase price of FTS and makes it a good value buy.

The FTS Community

Ian Erskine has also built a betting community around his product, with a forum, newsletter and regular tests of betting services, most of which are actually provided by his subscribers.

William Hill free bet Some of the products that Ian has recommended in the past have been, shall we say, not quite up to scratch. We’re thinking the £100 to £5000 service, the spread betting service (which went missing for several months with no selections and no refunds) and Dutch and Win as examples of these.

However, the new approach that Ian is taking has to be applauded. All the services on offer via his betting community are actually proofed publicly, free of charge, for at least a month before he decides whether to recommend them or not. All results are made public as well so you can keep track of which service is performing. This is true transparency and it’s your way of knowing for sure that a system or service will be right for you before you part with any money.

FTS – The Verdict: Recommended

Ian Erskine FTSOK so as we said earlier, yes you can get the basics of this method for free – but unless you want to spend hours each day researching your trades, that won’t really help you make a profit with your Betfair football trading.

The real value of FTS is the fact that you get Ian’s selections free for life. He does the work, and his selections are profitable. Of course, not every trade wins, but it makes money long term. For that reason, we reckon FTS is a good value buy and recommend it as part of anybody’s betting or trading portfolio.

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