How to create your own WINNING sports betting system

Create Your Own Winning Sports
Betting System

“How would you like to get your hands on a proven, mega-profitable betting system that is absolutely unique to you and that nobody else in the world is using?”

If you’re interested in sports betting, you’ve probably spent a fair bit of time, money and effort searching for a winning system.

How many times have you opened up your e-mail inbox to be hit with breaking news – a new betting system has been released. Excited by the prospect of finally getting your hands on a winning system, you buy it, try it out and – surprise, surprise – it loses you money.

So, a couple of hundred pounds lighter, you go back to the drawing board and the search for a decent system continues.

If this sounds familiar, how about trying something different this time?

Wouldn’t you like to use a betting system that is truly unique? One that you KNOW for a fact has been well thought out and thoroughly tested to make certain it is profitable?

As the saying goes – if you want something done properly, do it yourself!

Perhaps it’s time you thought about creating your own system. It’s not as difficult as it may seem.

Many of the most successful sports betting professionals in the world follow exclusive, unique systems that they have designed themselves – and today I’m going to show you exactly how they do it.

Let’s get started….

Choose a sport you’re passionate about

Now as I said, the process of creating your own winning betting system is not difficult but it is going to require a little bit of time and effort to get it right, so you may as well choose a sport that you’re passionate about.

If you’re interested in the subject already, you’re more likely to put in the time that is required because you follow the sport anyway. Plus, it stands to reason you already have some knowledge of the sport which is going to help you come up with a few ideas to get started.

So if you’re a fan of football, rugby, racing, US sports or whatever – it makes sense to stick to what you know best.

You’ll have a better chance of success, and you’ll have more fun along the way.

How to come up with an original, unique idea

Every system starts with a hypothesis. A hypothesis is simply an idea or belief that is suitable for further investigation.

In this case, your hypothesis can be based either on your observations and knowledge of your chosen sports. How many times have you thought “games between those two teams are always high scoring” or “Nadal always beats Federer on clay” or “that trainer has a fantastic record with 2 year olds at this course?”

Or maybe you’ve been placing bets on your favourite sport before. Did you win or lose overall? You can base your hypothesis on previous bets that you’ve made that have either succeeded or failed.

Let’s take football as an example. If you’re watching a match with friends or family, you’ll hear all sorts of opinions expressed about the sport and you probably have some of your own…

Maybe you think there are always several yellow cards shown in local derbies. Maybe you think matches between teams at the top of the league are usually settled by one goal. This is the sort of thing you can start to base your system ideas on.

If you’re confused or unsure where to start, here are some examples which might help.

Some example hypotheses based on observations:

  • “Man Utd usually get a goal back when they fall behind”
  • “Barcelona score most of their goals in the first half”
  • “Liverpool always seem to score in the last 10 minutes of a match”
  • “Horses ridden by Jaime Spencer always hit the front at some point in the race”

Or some hypotheses based on bets you may have placed before:

  • “Short priced football trebles never seem to win, one team always draws or loses to spoil it”
  • “Favourites always seem get beaten handicap chases at Cheltenham”

Now these may be a suitable starting point for you, or maybe they give you some inspiration to come up with some ideas of your own. Remember we are only looking for ideas at this stage – patterns or observations that you have noticed while watching or betting on your favourite sport.

How to turn your idea into a system

OK, so you have your hypothesis. Now it’s time to turn it into a set of rules that might be used for a betting system.

Again, if you’re struggling to figure out how to do this, let’s take a look at how the example hypotheses I gave earlier might be used to come up with a set of betting system rules.

  • » “Man Utd usually get a goal back when they fall behind”
    So whenever an opponent takes the lead against Man Utd, why not lay the opponent at reduced odds on the betting exchanges?
  • » “Barcelona score most of their goals in the first half”
    If that’s the case, can we simply back “first half to have more goals” with the bookmakers? Or can we back “over 2.5 goals” at kick off with a view to reversing our bet if early goals are scored? Can we lay “over 4.5 goals” at half time if Barcelona have scored a few in the first half?
  • » “Liverpool always seem to score in the last 10 minutes of a match”
    Can we lay “no more goals” on the betting exchanges after 80 minutes of the match have been played? We can lay at small odds with low liability, and win our bet when a late goal is scored.
  • » “Horses ridden by Jaime Spencer always hit the front at some point in the race”
    Can we back horses ridden by Spencer before the race, and lay them in running at lower odds?
  • » “Short priced football trebles never seem to win, one team always draws or loses to spoil it”
    Can we select trebles that we would normally back to win (but which often don’t) and instead, lay the treble using Betfair multiples?
  • » “Favourites always seem get beaten handicap chases at Cheltenham”
    Can we lay the favourites either before the race or in running?

Again these are just examples and I’m not saying that these particular systems will or won’t work, but hopefully they will give you ideas of how to turn your hypotheses into a set of rules that make up a betting system.

OK, once you have your system rules, it’s time to put them to the test…

How to make sure your system is profitable

Great – you’ve got your idea and turned it into a betting system.

Now for the most important part – and…

… if you’ve ever bought a betting system which didn’t work, this is probably the part that the author didn’t bother to do.

You need to paper test your system without risking real money to make sure it works!

Now this is the part that most people want to skip, because it’s the only step that is anything like hard work, but please do not be tempted – you MUST do this.

It may require a little effort to collect enough results to properly test your systems, but always remember that putting it a little effort is much better than losing money!

In some cases it’s possible to back test your system ideas by using historical data to see how your system would have performed in the past. This is suitable particularly for horse racing systems where data about past runners and prices is readily and freely available online.

If your system is based around other sports such as football, rugby, cricket etc, you should be able to back test your system in terms of results but probably not in terms of prices/odds.

Of course the prices at which you place your bets are crucial and will determine whether or not your system is profitable long term, so you must buckle down and paper trade your system manually and record your results on paper.

I’m often asked how many results I would paper trade before deciding to use real money on my system. There is no definitive answer to this but as a general rule I would be looking for 3 months’ worth of results before I made a decision as to whether my system was likely to be successful.

Of course this depends on the frequency of your bets – if you’d only placed ten bets over the course of those 3 months then of course that isn’t a big enough sample to prove anything, so use some common sense and decide for yourself when you have enough data to confidently start staking real money.

How to start making money from your system

OK, so you’ve come up with an idea, turned it into a system, and you’ve been smart enough to test it properly on paper to see if it works. So how do those results look?

If your idea has worked out, congratulations – you’ll have a promising set of results which show that your system has real potential.

But even if your results are terrible then do not despair because all is certainly not lost!

If your results show that your system would have made a big loss, then how about doing the opposite? After all, the opposite to a big loss is a big profit, and remember that the betting exchanges allow you to bet that something will not happen by laying it!

Go over your results again and see what would have happened if you’d laid every bet instead of backing it, or vice-versa. It’s amazing how often you can turn losing systems into winning ones by doing this…

Another thing to consider is your staking strategy. If your results show that your system is profitable to level stakes then that’s great, but could you make it even more profitable by staking a percentage of your bank on each bet and re-investing your profits?

If your system has a high strike rate with few losing runs, could it be suitable for a partial loss recovery staking system? Run your results through a few different staking options and see how the effect the bottom line.

Once you’ve decided on the best staking system to use, you’re ready to start staking real money and enjoy the fruits of your labour as the profits start to roll in!


If your system uses Betfair, you should be using a separate Betfair account for each system you use.

This is really important because it allows you to separate the banks you use for each system and easily see how each one is performing, so never be tempted to just use the same account for more than one system.

Remember Betfair will let you have as many accounts as you like, and they will give you a free £25, each time you open a new one, so it is certainly in your best interests to do this.

If your system requires you to bet with the bookies rather than on the exchanges, remember that Free Bet Advice gives you all the latest free bets which you can use to give your betting bank an immediate boost. Why bet with your own money when the bookies will let you bet with theirs?

If you need more help…

Maybe you’re still struggling for ideas. If so, why not check out the Free Bet Advice Betting System Reviews to have a look at some commercially available betting systems.

The reviews will show you what works, and what definitely does not. This can prove to be invaluable information when you’re designing your own systems.

I hope you’ve found this article useful and that you can see the huge potential in designing your very own unique betting system.

Remember, all you need to do is follow the simple steps above you’ll have your hands on a proven, mega-profitable betting system that is absolutely unique to you and that nobody else in the world is using!

The profits are waiting to be made. Go for it!.