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Football Bets is a football betting tipster service. We were contacted back in April 2010 by the owner who asked us to run an independent test and review of the service.

It’s always a very good sign when the guys behind any tipping service actively seek out independent reviews, as this displays a great deal of confidence in the quality of their results.

However, we still wanted to put the service through its paces and as such we conducted a thorough 6 month review of football bets.

The football bets tipping service actually comprises three tipsters in one. The tipsters’ individual backgrounds are provided: two are ex bookmaker odds compilers, the third is an ex player and manager. Each uses a unique statistics based approach to identify value bets designed to produce long term profits.

The service itself is delivered by e-mail. We received one e-mail from each tipster every day during our trial period, giving us full details of all recommended bets and stakes. We also received mails on days when there were no bets, advising why this was and when the next bets were expected. A nice, professional touch.

Of course, a professionally run service is one thing, but what we really want is results – right? Well on that score, football bets certainly didn’t disappoint!

During our extensive 6-month testing period, all three of the individual tipsters made a profit. The actual profits made were as follows:

Tipster #1: BettingLayingclub ( Phil ) made +65 points
Tipster #2: Tammboy made +9 points
Tipster #3: 99reds made +31 points

Total profit made was +105 points which is £10,500 profit to £100 stakes

So if you’d followed all these tips for just 6 months, you could have made more than £10,000 tax free and doubled your betting bank (based on a 100 point bank, which is more than big enough given the strike rate of these tips).

All results are published on the football bets website and we can confirm that all the results that they publish are 100% verified and accurate.

Needless to say, with results like these we have no hesitation in recommending football bets to anybody. It’s a professionally run service at a very reasonable price that delivers consistent, long term results.

Anybody interested in profitable football betting would be mad to miss it. What are you waiting for?

Visit football bets to join today or find out more