Champions League Betting Preview 2013/14

championsleagueIt’s that time of year again; the best sporting event the world over is finally upon us. Its Champions League football and the action is sure to be amazing. Play kicks off on Tuesday, September 17th 2013 with defending champions, Bayern Munich facing CSKA.

If you’re wondering how to make the best use of your free bets on the Champions League this year, here’s our handy betting guide to help you make the best choice.

This year’s draw isn’t much different than years past, as you will see many of the same clubs as years past. This includes:

  • Bayern Munich
  • Manchester united
  • Real Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Chelsea

While many of the top clubs in the world are present, you tend to see a different side of each club when it comes to Champions League football.

Picking a winner can be a bit tricky at times as some clubs like to focus on their leagues title and play inferior sides during Champions League matches. For some, winning their home league is more important, and this could be one of those years we see more of the same.

Here’s a list of the favourites to take home the title of world’s best football club and why you should be betting on them, or more importantly, why you shouldn’t.

Bayern Munich

Well start with the defending champs. Bayern retains much of the same lineup they had last year, which makes the odds on favourite to repeat. They look to become the first club since AC Milan in 1990 to repeat as champions.

They come in at 4-1 or 7-2, at most betting sites and should be your pick to win it again. It’s the safe bet, and a good one to boot. Expect them to progress to the semi finals at least, when their price will be much shorter.

Manchester United

You can pretty much count them out as champions this year as they will be one of those teams looking to focus on their Premier League title. With new manager, David Moyes looking to make a name for himself, his best bet at doing so is to win the Premier League.

They also have a young squad that seems to be having trouble finding their way early on. They will make it to the round of 16, but not any further.

They come in at 14-1 at most sites.


If anyone has a chance to ruin the hopes of a repeat, it’s Barcelona. The addition of Neymar, makes an already attack even better. They have the names; they have the talent, and are one of the favorites every year it seems.

Barcelona comes in at 9-2 on most betting sites and would be a solid pick if you had to make one.

Real Madrid

Real is one of those teams that baffles everyone. They have tons of talent, but can never seem to put it all together. They are the perennial second place finishers to Barcelona and this year probably won’t be any different.

They did manage to sign Ronaldo to a long term deal which helps ease the tensions on the home front, and obviously spent a world record fee to land Gareth Bale. But, with the loss of Mesut Ozil and a new manager trying to impose his style on the players, it looks likely to be another year of finding their form before they can mount a serious challenge.

Real comes in at 5-1 on most sites.

Dark Horse: Juventus

The Italians play a different style of football and it can sometimes work. Last year’s Serie A winners could be the ones who surprise everyone and come from nowhere to un-throne the defending champions.

They have an easy group stage and should be well rested when they reach the final 16. They have also some added some key players to an already good squad. Carlos Tevez can be a powerful striker (when he’s not whining for something) and if he can put his issues aside, Juventus could just be the next Champions League winners.

Juventus comes in at 16-1 across most betting sites – worth an each way bet at good odds.