The Stable Income Plan Review

The Stable Income Plan Review

Review by Colin Pendlebury

The Stable Income Plan ReviewGood job this is a written review and not a verbal one, because I’m almost speechless with rage.

The Stable Income Plan has to be the most disgusting and blatant con in the history of sports betting systems. If you’ve arrived at this review before actually paying these charlatans any money, then my congratulations to you.

My advice is simple:

Do not buy The Stable Income Plan under any circumstances!”

You’ve probably received the promotional e-mails from somebody masquerading as “Geoffrey Donaldson”. They sound good don’t they?

You see, “Geoffrey” promises you’ll make £39,000 a year using The Stable Income Plan laying system. It’s a “mathematically proven formula” apparently. Oh, and just in case you don’t believe him, he tells you that these results have been “independently verified”.

Verified by whom exactly Geoffrey? You seem a bit sketchy on the detail.

And before we move on to looking at these results a bit more closely, I’d also like to ask how “lay all second favourites at odds of 4/1 or less” can be described as a mathematical formula.

Whoops – did I just give the Stable Income Plan system away? How careless of me. And to think, Geoffrey Donaldson would have charged you £100 for that.

Anyway onto the published results. The Stable Income Plan invites you to check all their published results to verify that they are all genuine system selections.

Well, I did just that, and the results they publish are indeed all second favourites at 4/1 or less (damn, I did it again) but the thing they conveniently forget to mention is that all their results are recorded at industry SP gross of Betfair commission!!

“Any laying system that gives results to industry SP, with no mention of Betfair commission, is little more than a scam”

Now I’m not saying that The Stable Income Plan results are not genuine – perish the thought. I’d just be really interested to know how they managed to lay all those horses at industry SP, when most of us have to lay at much higher prices on the betting exchanges – the figure is 20% higher on average I believe.

Also how on earth did they manage to avoid paying any Betfair commission?

Yes folks you guessed it – the results published by The Stable Income Plan can NEVER be replicated in real life.

In fact, any system in which the selection criteria is nothing more than price and market position will NEVER work. If you were to follow this system in real life, you’d be facing a substantial loss, and you’d have paid “Geoffrey” a tidy £100 for the privilege.

If you want to see just what a bad idea this system is, then why not run the selection criteria through Bet Bot Pro for a few months (in simulation mode of course) and see how you get on.

“As you may have noticed, this sort of thing makes me very angry!”

There are genuine people out there selling systems that work, but the genuine guys will always struggle when the entire industry can be overrun with worthless systems such as The Stable Income Plan.

To be honest it sickens me to think that some people will have been taken in by the promises Geoffrey Donaldson makes and will have paid him £100 for this crap.

All I can say is, make sure you don’t join them.

And if you hear of anyone else who is considering buying this, please do a good deed for the day and send them in the direction of these reviews. I guarantee they’ll thank you for it.

The Stable Income Plan Review

Verdict: Failed

In my opinion, The Stable Income Plan is a disgustingly poor excuse for a “system.” My advice is, do not pay money for this under any circumstances.