The Legacy & Saver System Review

The Legacy & Saver System Review

Review by Sarah Carter

The Legacy & Saver System ReviewIf you’ve been into sports betting systems for a while, particularly horse racing, then the chances are you’ve heard of the Legacy and Saver Systems before.

It seems to me as though these two systems have been around since time began, but you have to look on that as a very, very good thing indeed.

You see, whilst some new systems have come along onto the market promising the moon on a stick, only to fall away soon afterwards leaving behind a trail of empty wallets, the Legacy and Saver systems have just kept on churning out consistent winners every year since 1993!

“I can’t think of many systems that have stood the test of time as well as the Legacy System”

Personally I’ve been using the Legacy & Saver Systems since 2004, and they’ve made me a profit every single year.

What I like about the systems are their simplicity. The selections are really easy to obtain. The instructions are clear and there is no ambiguity and no personal judgement required – everyone who uses the system will get the same selections.

The selections can be found the night before, which is ideal if you work during the days. You can either place your bets in advance using a bookmaker, or set up a bot such as Bet Bot Pro to do it for you on the exchanges.

The Legacy & Saver System website has all results going back to 2002. Now I’ve not been using the systems that long myself, but I can confirm that results from 2004 onwards are accurate.

The only thing to note is that they give financial returns based on stakes of £200 per point which may be a little too much for some people. What it boils down to though is that the systems yield a profit of between 100 and 150 points per year, every year, which for me makes them a very worthwhile addition to any betting systems portfolio.

“You can probably expect to get even better results than advertised”

The results displayed are using industry SP – which of course means that it may be possible to get even better results than those claimed by using Betfair SP.

You can also build up your bank by reinvesting your profits rather than withdrawing them. Based upon a 100 point betting bank, you should be able to more than double your money every year using the Legacy & Saver Systems.

By doing this, you’ll be in a position to match the advertised stakes of £200 a point before long, and that’s when the really big money starts to roll in.

Like any backing systems, the Legacy & Saver Systems will of course have winning and losing runs throughout the year, but the systems have made a large overall profit each year and you cannot argue with the consistency of the returns.

The systems also come with a money back guarantee so you can give them a try risk-free and return them for a full refund if for any reason they don’t suit your tastes.

For me though, I’ll just keep on using the systems and happily watch them churn out the same profits year after year.

The Legacy & Saver System ReviewVerdict: Recommended

Easy to use, and consistently profitable every year for over 15 years. A must for any betting system portfolio.

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