Sports Betting Champ Review

Sports Betting Champ Review

Review by Martin Richardson

Sports Betting Champ ReviewI have found it necessary to update this review following my experiences of the Sports Betting Champ system over the course of 2008 and 2009.

I first reviewed this system in December 2008 and on the whole, despite a couple of slight misgivings, my impressions were very positive. However I now feel there are more facts that you need to be aware of before deciding whether to purchase this system.

The Sports Betting Champ system by John Morrison actually comprises 3 systems for the major US sports – basketball (NBA), baseball (MLB) and American football (NFL). The sales page boasts a 97% win rate across all bets and promises “untold winnings for life”.

Well – don’t they all?

Now if you’re anything like me, the promise of a 97% win rate will have set some alarm bells ringing. To obtain a strike rate like this you’d usually either have to be backing at extremely low odds or laying at extremely high odds.

“A bet according to John Morrison is actually a series of 3 loss recovery bets”

Well in this case it’s neither – instead you use loss recovery in a cycle of 3 bets. You see, a “bet” according to John Morrison is actually a series of 3 bets with progressive staking for loss recovery – so if you lose bet A your stake for bet B increases to win back your losses on Bet A in addition to your normal stake.

If Bet B loses, your stake for bet C increases again to win back your losses for bets A and B in addition to your normal stake. If Bet C loses you go no further and it is counted as a loss. However, with the majority of bets being at odds on prices (i.e. less than 2.0), you should be aware that if bet C loses your total loss will be fairly significant.

Now this in itself is not necessarily a bad thing as long as the long term expectancy is positive. You may lose occasionally but the profits from the bets you win should more than compensate for the odd loss and still leave you in profit overall.

I have to say that over the 2008 NBA season I did end up with a decent profit from Sports Betting Champ. There were a couple of losing cycles but the vast majority won, usually without getting to bet C, and I made a profit overall which I was happy with.

In the 2009 NBA season the system did not encounter a losing cycle – but by that time I was no longer able to follow the system. Here’s why….

“The website promises free picks for life but the reality is very different…..”

My problems started in Spring 2008 just before the start of the baseball (MLB) season.

You see, John Morrison’s sales page promised that anyone buying his systems would receive the system selections by e-mail for life. This for me was a major selling point, as it would save plenty of time going through the US sports fixtures and identifying system selections.

You can imagine my surprise then when, a couple of weeks before the MLB season was due to start, I received an e-mail from John Morrison asking for a cheque for $100 in order to obtain his baseball picks for the season!

Naturally I queried this, reminding him that his Sports Betting Champ sales page stated that all picks would be free for life and – as neither of us was dead – that should still apply.

Eventually (after 3 attempts) I got a reply saying that I could have the picks for half price (only $50) for the season. I replied saying that I appreciated his offer but £50 is still not free, and that if he could not honour his agreement I would contact Clickbank for a refund of the full purchase price.

Needless to say this did the trick and I was added to John’s baseball picks list for free.

“Some of the results claimed on the Sports Betting Champ website are simply not true”

Now comes the next gripe and for me this is blatant false advertising. The Sports Betting Champ sales page now claims a 100% strike rate was achieved during the 2008 MLB season.

Now that is simply not true, there were some lost cycles – however towards the end of the season John Morrison decided to change the rules of the system, applying an extra filter which would have meant those lost bets would have been filtered out.

This is a clear case of back fitting as far as I am concerned and to now advertise a strike rate that was not achieved is very misleading to say the least.

As far as the Sports Betting Champ “free” picks are concerned, John Morrison has again asked for $100 for his basketball picks at the start of the NBA season.

“The free picks advertised are now virtually useless”

This time, the £100 gets you the picks at least 24 hours before the start of a game, whereas the free picks are sent just 30 minutes before the start meaning you have very little time to get your bets on. Very clever – John has obviously learned his lesson from the Baseball season!

This time we can no longer pick him up on the fact that he promised free picks because now he will still send them to you for free, but he’ll send them so late that they are virtually useless to you, so you need to send him another $100.

Well sorry John, but you won’t be getting a cheque from me.

My final gripe is the constant pushing of the US bookmaker BetUS, John Morrison clearly has a deal going with them and wants everybody who buys his system to sign up there. There’s no problem with that as such, but the guy just won’t seem to take no for an answer.

The problem is that I have found BetUS very problematic in the past, and there is absolutely no need for us to join them when we can place all the bets required by this system with our very own Bet365 including the point spreads bets required.

“There is no need to join BetUS”

Please – if you do buy this system, do not use BetUS unless you are prepared for a long and painful struggle to withdraw your winnings. You will be much better off using Bet365 instead.

Well that’s all my gripes out of the way and it is a shame to have to report negatively on certain aspects of this system and the behaviour of the seller, because the bottom line is that the system does work!

I did profit from the 2008 NBA season and I did profit from the MLB season (despite incurring a couple of losses that we now don’t seem to be counting according to John!)

I accept that had the filter been applied then the MLB season would have been 100% – but it wasn’t mentioned until after the season. Nevertheless if we look ahead, it could very well help to achieve a much better strike rate next year.

Overall I cannot actually recommend that you go and buy the Sports Betting Champ system due to the misleading sales material, shocking customer service and unscrupulous seller – however in terms of results, up until now I have to concede that it does work.

If you want to go ahead and purchase the Sports Betting Champ system then I see no reason why you won’t make a profit with it, but do be aware of the points I have raised above and don’t hesitate to question John should he try to demand any more $100 cheques from you in the future.

It’s amazing how quickly he will change his mind when you mention asking Clickbank for a refund!

Verdict: Neutral

Sports Betting Champ ReviewThe bottom line is that it has made a profit so far (albeit using increasing stakes at tiny odds). However I am deeply concerned by the integrity of the seller, or lack thereof. It’s not a write off by any means, but proceed with caution.

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