Sport Spread Betting Guide & Free Sport Spread Bets

Sports Spread Betting Guide

Sports spread betting is a different way to bet on sports. It’s exciting and potentially more profitable than your traditional fixed-odds betting, however it’s not as widespread at the moment. The main reason for this is that many people don’t understand what sports spread betting is. Some people think it’s too complicated, and others are scared by the term “spread betting” as they associate it with being risky.

However, neither of these perceptions are true. Sports spread betting is actually no more complicated than other forms of betting. And, just like fixed-odds betting, it is only as risky as you want it to be. You control how much you want to risk at all times, but the main difference is that with sports spread betting, the more right you are, the more money you make.

We’ve created this beginner’s guide to sports spread betting to explain to you exactly what’s involved, so you can decide whether it’s something you’re interested in trying. Plus, we’ll tell you where you can get a free sports spread bet to get you started…

So what exactly is sports spread betting?

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You can spread bet on loads of markets, such as how many goals will be scored

Sports spread betting companies make predictions about a particular aspect of a sporting event. For example, they might make a prediction about how many goals they expect to be scored in a football match. This is really just the same as the bookmaker setting their odds.

So when you see this prediction, you decide whether you think it’s too high or too low. If you think it’s too high, you would sell it at that high price, expecting to buy back later at a lower price. If you think it’s too low, you buy it at that low price, expecting to sell it back later at a higher price.

You choose the amount you want to stake per unit, so if you were looking at a market for total goals in a football match, you might decide to stake £5 per goal. If you buy goals at a certain price, then for every goal that is scored above that price, you make £5 profit.

What’s the difference between spread betting and fixed-odds betting?

Fixed odds betting is the traditional type of betting you get at most bookmakers. In fixed-odds betting, your potential winnings are fixed. They are determined by the odds you place your bet at, and after the bet is placed this cannot change. Likewise, the amount you could lose if your bet goes against you is also fixed, this is the amount you choose to stake on your bet.

With spread betting, the amount you may win or lose is not known when the bet is placed. Your profit or loss will vary according to how right or wrong your prediction is. So the main difference is, the more right you are the more you could win. But of course if you are wildly wrong, you could lose more than if you’d only bet with a fixed stake.

Let’s look at an example of sports spread betting:

Supposing you saw a “total goals” spread betting market for a football match between Manchester United and Blackpool. The price to “sell” goals is 2.5 and the price to “buy” goals is 2.7. Now if you think this game is going to be low scoring and have less than 2.5 goals, you would decide to “sell” goals at the opening price of 2.5. But if you expected a high scoring game, you would “buy” goals at the opening price of 2.7.

Let’s say you decide to “buy” goals as you expect a high scoring game, and you decide to stake £10 per goal.

You know that the least amount of goals that could possibly be scored in the game is zero. So worst case would be that you have to sell goals at 0 at the end of the game. That means the most you could lose would be 2.5 x £10 = £25. However, if more than 2.7 goals are scored (i.e. 3 goals or more) then you will make a profit. We don’t know how much profit at the start, because we don’t know yet how many goals will be scored.

At the end of the match, the final score is 4-2 meaning 6 goals were scored. You bought goals at 2.7 and sold them at 6.0, so your profit is 3.3 multiplied by your £10 stake, meaning a profit of £33 is made on this market.

Where to get free sport spread bets

The biggest sports spread betting firm on the market is Sporting Index. They offer the most sports spread betting markets, and they also have loads of free advice and tutorials you can look at if you want more information before you get started.

When you open a new real money account, you’ll also be able to get the Sporting Index free bet. The exact details of the Sporting Index bonus changes from time to time, sometimes it’s £100 free cash, other times it’s £300 in credit.

Either way, it’s usually a pretty generous free sports spread bet offer, and you can find full details of the latest Sporting Index free bet here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the guide, and that it’s answered a few of your questions about sports spread betting. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t be scared to give it a try, it’s great fun and can be really profitable too! Good luck.