NFL Betting Preview 2013/14

NFL expert Chris gives us his picks for the NFL season and Superbowl XLVIII betting.

NFL bettingWe are 4 weeks into the NFL season and the odds makers are struggling to keep up with the recent changes. The NFL is one of the most fickle leagues in all of sports.

It’s got to be one of the hardest ones to pick a winner and picking a season champion is basically a shot in the dark. However, many odds makers, bookies, sportscasters and lay-person attempt this daunting task every year. They try to use their logic and past years to talk you into why they think the team they pick will end the season as the Super bowl Champion.

This season has been particularly difficult as the league looks to shift from a power running game, to a pass happy, no defence, point scoring, fan friendly circus. Yes, you can call the new NFL a circus of sorts. With tons of new rules in place that basically don’t allow you to tackle anyone, defences are struggling to adapt and the scores and stat lines are proving this.

We are witnessing a changing of the guard as young quarterbacks with legs are the new fad and defences with more rules to worry about that they seem scared to make a tackle because of the hefty fine Dictator Goodell has imposed on everyone.

Regardless of your opinion on the NFL, someone still has to win. That’s where we come in.

The odds on favourite at the beginning of the year was; the 49ers and their second year running, gunning quarterback with the crooked hat. That quickly changed with the injury to Michael Crabtree and now their chances look even less likely. At 1-2 after 3 weeks, they look desperate and confused. The Seahawks may have messed up their heads with a beat down that sent them home with their tails between their legs.

Maybe it’s just that defensive coordinators have finally figured out how to stop the unstoppable Kaepernik. Whatever it is, the 49ers don’t even look like playoff team at this point.

The real favourites are the Seahawks and the Broncos. I would give the slight edge to the Broncos simply because of Mr. Manning. The dude is playing his best football in years and that’s a dangerous thing. With the addition of Welker and a 3 headed monster of running backs and a stout defence, they are tearing through teams with ease.

And they don’t even have their best defensive player. Von miller, the team leader in sacks form last year has been suspended so far.

If you’re looking to bet the house, the broncos are the safest bet of any team. Right now they come in at +300.

The 49ers have dropped to +1,200 [ 12/1 at William Hill ]

The obvious, safe picks at this time would be the Broncos and Seahawks. You can’t go wrong and be faulted for those picks. However, these aren’t very high paying picks and since anyone can win, we want to give you some sexier picks that could pay off huge at the end. These aren’t dumb picks, or long-shots, just smart ones that have good odds.

Atlanta Falcons +3,000 [ 33/1 at Ladbrokes ]

At those odds, this is a good pick, perhaps a great one. They have all the talent in the world and can beats any team they want. That if they want. For some reason they don’t seem like they want to. It’s only a matter of time before they right the ship and start playing like they did last year.

New York Jets +10,000 [ 100/1 at SkyBet ]

Just kidding. You can’t read an article about sports today without the mention of the Jets, so why should this one be any different?

Baltimore Ravens +3,500 [ 33/1 at 888Sport ]

True, these aren’t the same Ravens as last year, not even close, but they still have the highest paid quarterback in the league with Joe Flacco. As a native Baltimorean, I can tell you that Joe Flacco is not worth the money, at least in the regular season. But the Ravens should make the playoffs in a weak division and that’s all they need to do.

Flacco is statistically one of the best post season quarterbacks ever! That’s right ever!

For some reason, he brings his A-game and lights it up like no one else. It will take a little luck, blown coverage, and a few calls to go their way, but it can and has happened. At 3,500, [ 33/1 ] I like this pick to pay off.