How to make BIG profits from failed betting systems

How to Make Big Profits from Failed Betting Systems

“At some point, most of us have seen a betting system that’s so bad it should never have been allowed to see the light of day. But don’t throw them away!

We’ll show you how the world’s worst betting systems can actually make the biggest profits…”

I hope you’re sitting comfortably, because today I’m going to tell you a story.

A few years ago, after receiving a promotional e-mail, a friend of mine spent around £100 on some horse racing backing system. I think it was called the Bluestreak System or something like that – I can’t quite remember, and oddly enough it doesn’t seem to be for sale any more. Why? Because it was complete and utter rubbish!

My friend of course didn’t know that at the time, so when her new system arrived, she set about reading the instructions in detail and using the selection method to back her horses each day. Well, just over a month later and her betting bank had been cut in half, she was upset and annoyed and the system was in the bin.

I asked to see the results of the bets she had placed via this system and sure enough, it looked like this particular selection method couldn’t pick a winner in a one horse race – and this was despite some of the prices being very short.

I remember thinking to myself “the bookies have had a field day here” and then it dawned on me – an idea so obvious I was mad at myself for not thinking of it earlier.

“Now that we have betting exchanges, we can be the bookie. So whenever we get an awful backing system, we can cash in by turning it into a laying system instead!”

Like I said, it’s so obvious when you think about it! If what you’ve been doing has lost you a load of money, just do the opposite!

So we retrieved the discarded backing system from the bin, and once we’d ironed out the creases, my friend and I set to work making her money back!

For the next 6 weeks, every day she went through the same selection method she’d been doing before, but this time when she had the selections, instead of backing them to win she went on to Betfair and laid them to lose instead.

We introduced a price restriction, so that any selections priced above 6.0 were ignored so as to keep the liabilities low. Other than that, we just did the opposite of what the failed system told us to do.

The result? Six weeks later we’d made all her money back and her account was in profit!

Inspired by this success, I decided to look back through all the betting systems I’d ever tried and then discarded due to them losing money. Those that had only lost a little bit of money I ignored, because to do the opposite of these systems that only narrowly failed would likely only result in me breaking even (due to commission etc).

No, instead I was looking for the real stinkers that had been so bad it was almost funny. And yes, I found a few that had made suitably big losses (the ironically named Cutting Edge system was a classic example).

So I started doing the same thing – following the original system to the letter, except when it came to placing the bets I just laid all the selections at Betfair or Betdaq instead of backing them. And just as before, I was amazed at the profits I began to make.

“By just opposing the awful backing systems I’d thrown away, I had uncovered some of the most profitable laying systems I have ever used!”

I then took it one step further and realised that, of course, the same principle can apply to bad laying systems If you’ve ever followed a laying system that just keeps churning up consistent winners, why not start backing them all instead?

The story certainly has a happy ending. My friend is still using the reverse “Bluestreak System” to this day and it continues to perform really well as a laying system.

Makes you wonder why the author didn’t realise how bad it was and just sell it as a laying system in the first place…

“Absolutely anyone can give this a try”

At some point, most of us have bought, been given or heard of a betting system that has just performed really badly. So why not dig them out of the cupboard, or your computer’s recycle bin, and give this idea a try?

Instead of spending more time and money searching for a decent betting system, the answer may have been right under your nose all along!

Maybe those failed systems weren’t such a waste of money after all…….


If you’re going to be laying bets on Betfair, you should be using a separate Betfair account for each system you use.

This is really important because it allows you to separate the banks you use for each system and easily see how each one is performing, so never be tempted to just use the same account for more than one system.

Remember Betfair will let you have as many accounts as you like, and they will give you a free bet each time you open a new one, so it is certainly in your best interests to do this.

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