Football Cash Builder Review

Football Cash Builder Review

Review by Sarah Carter

The Football Cash Builder ReviewThe Football Cash Builder is a football betting system (or soccer betting system if you prefer) which promises to be incredibly quick easy to use, and yet bring the author an income of £100,000 per year.

When I first read through the instructions, I felt I had to agree with the claim that the system was going to be very quick and easy to use.

The selection method is incredibly simple. You simply get hold of a bookie’s coupon, look for bets at the specified odds, place the bets and job done. There is no form study of any sort required.

The author advises a staking plan involving a cycle of 3 bets using loss recovery. If the 3rd bet in the cycle loses, you accept the loss and start again. It is claimed that you will achieve an 80% strike rate this way which would be required in order to achieve the profit figures claimed.

So does it work? I’m afraid not.

“Any selection system based solely on the price a bookmaker is offering is an incredibly bad idea”

It’s not difficult to pick holes in this system – in fact the holes are so large it’s a challenge to avoid falling into them. The alarm bells should have started to ring for you when I said that there was absolutely no form study required.

A selection system with no other criteria except the price offered by a bookmaker can never work. For one thing, prices are usually too short due to the book over round. Secondly, the prices can differ from bookmaker to bookmaker meaning a bet could qualify as a selection with one bookmaker and not with another.

Blindly accepting the prices offered on a coupon without question is the quick road to the poor house, and so it proved with the test of the Football Cash Builder system.

Following the system rules to the letter, I placed 20 bets and won just 8. This gave the Football Cash Builder a 40% strike rate, falling way short of the 80% that the author claims.

Final Results –
Bets Placed: 20
Bets Won: 8
Bets Lost: 12
Strike Rate: 40%
P/L: £125.41 Loss (- 12.5 Points)

I’m glad I only paper traded the Football Cash Builder, as I would never want to expose my own money on such a bad idea.

As for the claims of £100,000 a year – well let’s say I have my doubts!

So I’ll have to cancel the order for a new Ferrari unfortunately, and file Football Cash Builder in the recycle bin. I’ll be sticking to the recommended systems instead, as I know they will actually make me money.

The Football Cash Builder Review

Verdict: Failed

Whilst it is admittedly very easy to use, in my opinion, The Football Cash Builder has an illogical selection system which produced a loss during testing and is unlikely to ever produce anything but a substantial loss long term.

You can get the Football Cash Builder here