Favourites Phenomenon Review

Favourites Phenomenon System Review

Review by M Davies

The Favourites Phenomenon System ReviewThe Favourites Phenomenon System (or FP System for short) first came to my attention in July 2008 when a number of people contacted me to say they had heard great things about it, and could I do a review before they decided to buy?

Well with the abundance of crap systems on the market at the time I was delighted to oblige in the hope of finding something decent amongst all the rubbish. I am very happy to say that my time was not spent in vain, this system is the real deal.

The system is sold by a guy called Matt Watson. Matt is a professional gambler and he claims to achieve a 98% strike rate with his system. Now I know what you’re thinking – too good to be true right? Well, no it isn’t. The high strike rate is achieved because this is a “stop at a winner” system – basically you increase your stakes over a series of bets until you hit a target profit for the day.

“Anyone using the Favourites Phenomenon system will make a good long term profit”

Now normally I tend to run a mile from progressive staking systems, but when I first saw this I knew it was something very different to what I had seen before. This is not a case of blindly increasing your stakes and hoping for a winner.

The staking method has been very well thought out and carefully calculated to ensure that your potential liability is kept well under control before you start to bet. It is this care and attention to detail, combined with the very high strike rate, which will ensure that anyone using this system will make a good long term profit.

The FP system is not a downloadable PDF, instead you get access to a password protected members website which contains the entire system instructions. The system itself is very simple to follow and is very well explained, so there is no room for any ambiguity.

You will also get access to a very useful calculator tool which you can use to make sure you are following the staking plan correctly.

There are actually three different possible staking plans to use with the system, depending on your preferred level of risk.

For the purposes of my trial I used the level 3 staking plan. Using this plan gives the highest possible strike rate of 98% but also had the highest maximum potential loss.

Probably the only downside to this system is that if you plan to follow the system manually you will need to be in front of your computer immediately prior to each race. This may only be for a very short time if you hit a winner early, but could take a few hours if you don’t get the winner until later in the day.

Fortunately, even this small downside can be overcome by using the excellent Favourites Phenomenon bot. This tool is available for a small monthly charge and basically runs the entire system on auto-pilot for you. All you need to do is turn it on in the morning, tell it your preferred staking level and press go. You can then go away and do whatever you want for the day and come back later on to find out your daily target has been achieved.

Which brings us to the most important aspect of any test – the results.

I ran the system for 6 weeks. During that time there were 18 days in which I did not bet, either because it was an official “no bet day” according to the system criteria, or because I was away from my desk and had (foolishly) forgotten to switch on the bot. The remaining 24 days produced my target profit on every occasion, and never went anywhere near a potential loss.

I also checked the results on the days when I had forgotten to use the bot and they would all have been winning days as well which would have increased by profit to 28 points, however as I did not place these bets I cannot include them in my results.

Final Result –
Non Betting Days: 18
Betting Days: 24
P/L: £240 Profit

Before I close, I should also point out that the customer service behind this system is superb. This is not one of those systems sellers who just takes your money, sends you a pdf and forgets all about you. Matt Watson comes across to me as a genuine guy who actually wants you to succeed. He sends regular e-mails before each racing day to advise on the betting for that day, plus regular weekly updates as well.

Furthermore, all my e-mails were answered promptly and courteously, and the one small problem I had with the bot (which was down to me, not the software itself) was sorted out in no time at all. I think this level of service really does count for a lot especially when you consider how many dodgy systems sellers are out there who just take your money and don’t want to know.

The system comes with a money back guarantee so there is absolutely no reason not to give it a try, as there will be no problem getting your money back if you decide it’s not for you for any reason.

Verdict: Recommended

Overall, I would highly recommend this system. In my opinion the system will deliver a good long term profit and you could do a lot worse than adding this to your portfolio.

The Favourites Phenomenon System Review

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