Dutch & Win Racing Review

Dutch and Win Racing Review

Review by Will Brown

Dutch and Win Racing ReviewThe Dutch and Win Racing service comes with the tagline “Guaranteed Racing Profits” and in what is quite an impressive sales page, they suggest that they can put up to £1000 in your bank every day of the week. Well, I could live with that!

Dutching, for those of you not familiar with the term, is the process of backing more than one horse in the same race. This is usually done with different stakes so as to ensure the same amount of profit is made if any of your chosen horses win. The down side of course is that if none of your horses win, the losses are larger than if you had only backed the one horse.

Dutch and Win is a service rather than a system, so you get the selections but not the methods used to get them. The current price is £39 per month and for that you get access to a hidden page which is updated daily before 1.30 PM with the selections for that day. Dutch and Win always select two horses in their chosen races, and advise you to back both in order to reach a target profit of your own choice. If either selection is a non runner or is priced below 6/4 then that race is considered a no bet.

A calculator is included to work out the stakes for you if you don’t have any software such as Bet Angel to do it automatically.

So that’s how the service works.  I found it fairly easy to use and the selections page was generally updated on time….but what about the results?

Well as there was no real advice given regarding staking , I decided to trial the service with a £1000 bank and aim for a fairly conservative profit of £20 per race. And for the first week things seemed to be going pretty well. I didn’t win in every race by any means, but there were enough winners to give an overall profit and I was optimistic about the service.

That was when it all started to go very wrong.

For the next three weeks, the service seemed to implode. There were several days when five or six races were selected and I didn’t get any winners at all, and of course as I was having to back two horses in each race, the losses began to mount up very quickly.

Despite what the sales page would have you believe, their selections are not all big priced outsiders. In fact on many occasions, all they were doing was picking the first and second favourites. Because of the shorter prices involved and the need to back two horses, I often found myself risking more money on a race than I stood to win – in other words, I was effectively betting odds-on.

When these races lose, you soon find the losses adding up rapidly and you need a very good run of winners to recover. Sadly, that good run was not forthcoming.

By the end of my trial, my £1000 starting bank had reduced to just £622 – a loss of £378.

The other thing I should mention is the customer service – or more accurately, the complete lack of it. I made two attempts to contact the proprietors using the e-mail address they supply on the selections page, and both times my mail was completely ignored.

For me, there is absolutely no excuse for this. If you are paying for a service, the least you can expect is to have your mails answered in a timely and courteous manner. Too ignore your customers completely is unprofessional and leaves me with a very bad impression of the way in which this service is run.

You might be wondering, if the results were poor and the customer service was abysmal, why am I giving this service a neutral rating rather than failed?

Good question! The answer is that all tipping services can go through bad months, particularly in horse racing. I suffered big losses, but this may have just been a bad run and it may be that long term this service could prove profitable. The problem is that the results are not proofed anywhere, so there is really no way of telling this, therefore we can only judge based upon the significant losses sustained during our trial period.

My advice to the proprietors would be firstly to sort your customer service out, and secondly to start proofing your selections to somewhere like Racing Index so that you have some verifiable long term profit claims. Based upon my experience of the service, the claims made on the sales page look like they are extremely unliley to be true.

Verdict: Neutral

Dutch and Win Racing ReviewAt the moment I could not advise anybody to join this service as my experience was not good. Long term proofed results and a major change in attitude to customers is required before this can be recommended.

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