New Betfair Bet In-Play Platform Launched

Betfair Bet In-Play

Betfair Announce The Launch Of Their Brand New Betfair Bet In-Play Platform

Betfair have announced the launch of their new and improved Betfair Bet In-Play platform which offers a higher standard of in-play betting features than you will have ever seen before.

The aim of the new Betfair Bet In-Play platform is to provide the best possible service to those of us who love in-play betting.

The new features include:

  • A new In-Play homepage linked from a dedicated tab on the Betfair site. This allows us to find the in-play events quickly and easily from anywhere within the Betfair website.
  • NEW Cash-Out Now function; this gives you the ability to lock in your profit at any time during the event! You don’t have to wait until the event is over.
  • New In-Play match pages provide a wealth of information, statistics and betting information to help you make informed in-play betting decisions, leading to more money in your pocket!
  • Live video programme guide and live scores. Betfair live video now has more free to watch live streaming events than ever before
  • Increased In-Play events. Betfair has now increased the number of in-play events it offers from 800 to as many as 1,300 per month.

Check out the new Betfair Bet In-Play video demo, in which Andy Gray explains all the new features that the new Betfair In-Play platform has to offer.

Betfair Bet In-Play