Bet Bot Pro Review

Bet Bot Pro Review

Review by Matt Davies

Have you ever tried to follow a betting system but kept missing out on getting your bets placed because you were unable to follow the live markets? The solution is simple - let a betting bot do the work for you while you go out and get on with your life.

Bet Bot Pro is an automated betting tool that connects to Betfair via the API interface. It will then place bets for you in either the horse racing or greyhound markets according to the criteria you give it.

"All the features you'll need to run your systems on auto-pilot"

The software is a very powerful piece of kit and there are a host of options available. I programmed in the criteria for a number of the systems I normally use on a daily basis, and Bet Bot Pro had no problems whatsoever in handling them all for me on auto-pilot.

Now betting bots are becoming more common these days and for a newcomer it can sometimes be difficult to know how to choose between them. The advice I would give is to concentrate on features and reliability.

In other words, can the bot do what you want it to do, and will it do so reliably? After all, when there's money at stake you need to be absolutely certain that you're using software you can trust.

So what can Bet Bot Pro actually do? There are probably too many features to actually list - but here are the main ones...

  • Place Back OR Lay bets on UK/US/AUS/RSA Horses (including place markets) & UK/AUS Greyhounds

  • Automate selections based on market position, or choose individual and multiple selections using your own betting system selection methods. Let the software run your existing systems for you while you're away.

  • Determine your min & max odds acceptable

  • Place bets at a specific time before the race starts

  • Number of runners filter (e.g. only bet if there are less than X runners, or more than Y runners etc)

  • Multiple staking plan options. Stake a fixed amount, or a percent of your bank. Or if you prefer, you can elect to try and recover a percentage of any lost bet over a fixed number of betting cycles.

  • Bet below the Betfair minimum bet. If you want to test a strategy with real money you can get the bot to use very small amounts, even below the minimum bet of £2.

  • Simulation mode - test your strategies without Risking real money. This is the best feature of all in my opinion. Once you have a strategy idea, leave the software to test it out for you in real market conditions but without using real money.

  • Max loss, Max profit limits. Get the software to stop when you reach a profit target for the day, or when you reach a maximum acceptable loss. This allows you to protect your betting bank!

As I said this is just a selection of what the bot can do, but if I listed all the features I'd be here all day. I think it's suffice to say that if you have a horse racing or greyhound betting system or strategy, then Bet Bot Pro has the features you need to automate it for you.

So what about the other main consideration - reliability?

"I wouldn't just trust any piece of software with my money, but I'm delighted to say Bet Bot Pro has never let me down..."

This is the major consideration for me. If you're going to trust a betting bot with your money, you need to be absolutely certain that it won't let you down. I started off watching the bot at work using small stakes, and gradually increased the stakes when I became more confident it its reliability.

Thankfully I'm glad to say that Bet Bot Pro has never crashed, hung or let me down in any other way since I started using it over 10 months ago. It's been solid, reliable and always gets the job done.

From a pricing perspective, I liked the fact that the software has no monthly fees. You simply pay a one off charge and then that's it - the software is yours and there is nothing more to pay. You'll also get 6 months of updates for free, plus access to their forum where you can share some very interesting ideas on profitable automated betting strategies with other users.

The final thing I really need to highlight before I conclude the review is the simulation mode. In my opinion, this is probably the best feature that the bot has to offer. Before you risk your hard earned cash on a betting system, why not let Bet Bot Pro test the system for you over a period of time to make sure it really works?

When you think how many times most of us have started using a new betting system only to see it fall flat on its face and lose us a wad of cash, you'll see that this feature could easily save you the purchase price many times over.

And of course, when you do settle on a handful of systems that make a regular profit, Bet Bot Pro will run them all for you while you go out and do something more interesting. Just switch it on in the morning, then come back later to find how much you've made. Happy days!

Free Bet Advice Recommended SystemVerdict: Recommended

Competitively priced with no monthly fees. Feature rich, and above all reliable. My advice would be don't just get any bot, get one you can trust. Whatever system you want to run, Bet Bot Pro will do the job.

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