We Do Not Recommend Betway

Unfortunately, we have received more than one complaint from Free Bet Advice visitors regarding Betway refusing to honour payouts from player’s accounts.

Issues have included Betway closing accounts without warning, refusing to pay out winnings or return player’s deposits. Frequently, Betway have been unable to provide any evidence to back up their decisions.

Clearly this is unacceptable, and we take all such complaints seriously. As a result if this feedback, we no longer wish to be associated with Betway.

If you have any feedback about Betway, feel free to leave a comment below.

Please be aware that this type of behaviour is absolutely the exception, not the norm. There are so many other free bets that you can get from the range of excellent and reputable online bookmakers, which can be found under the “A-Z” list on the right hand side.

Choose Another Online Bookmaker

skybet.comTherefore, we recommend that you avoid Betway and select another free bet instead. With so many great bookmakers to choose from, why risk your money at one of the few online betting companies that won’t provide you with the great experience that most of the others do.

If you’re struggling to choose a bookmaker, it makes sense to start with our most popular free bets because these are the bookmakers that people know and trust (plus they give you great bonuses too).

Why not try an established bookmaker like Paddy Power, SkyBet or Victor Chandler? Or if betting against other people is your thing, check out the great offers from Betfair, the world’s biggest betting exchange.